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A communication tool for the Open Arms Project, whose mission is to help religious educators of all faiths welcome and support every learner.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Welcome to the blog for the Religious Education Pilot Project! The committee facilitating the project will use this blog for intra-group communication, as well as for disseminating information to interested readers.

Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome!


Blogger Kathy said...

I am not sure how to do this so forgive me if this doesn't work.

My suggestions for names are
1. Open Arms of Faith,
2. Open Doors,
3. Embracing Special Needs and Faith,
4. Include Me!,
5. Worship for All,
6. Nurturing Faith,
7. Embracing Faith and Me,
8. Bridge Builders.

What about using the following as a mission statement: Open Arms (or other name)supports faith based communities in modifying the environment and the curriculum and growing teachers to more inclusively work with those who have special needs.

Or something a little more vague and a little warmer: Open Arms supports faith communities in welcoming those with special needs and working with them to grow in faith as a community.

Please edit as you see fit. Kathy

6:25 PM  

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